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What is Montessori Method?

Montessori learning is based on a deep understanding of how children learn and develop.  Through making their own choices, trying things out and doing it for themselves.  - Maria Montessori


Extra circular activities for the body and mind

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Elementary, Primary, Toddler
and Infant staff & assistants

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Child Care

. Infants learn through their senses.They learn by watching and moving freely. We create such an environment. 

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(Video) Schooling: Montessori Vs. Conventional

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“The teachers do a fantastic job with teaching the students academics as well as accomplishing objectives independently. We are amazed at how calm the atmosphere always is in the classroom, and how productive the students are on their own.”  Jon Levine

“My son is in the Elementary program at Montessori Scholars and, academically, he is studying material that is at least one or two grade-levels above the standard curriculum offered by private and public schools. The teachers have the best Montessori training and are AMI certified. Parental involvement is high, and the results are reflected in the quality of the school. They also offer many enrichment programs after school, as well as before and after care, which offers a complete solution for many families.” Giovanna Serrano

“The director is deeply devoted in providing a Montessori learning environment and making sure that her teachers and aides provide quality care and challenging curriculums to the children. The moment you walk in the school and you will find the children well behaved and learning. When we pick up our children, as well as the other parents, you will find the children run up to the parents, and most often go right back to finishing their work, or hearing the story that is being read, and picking up their work stations before they leave. This is a great sign that a child is happy-when they don’t want to leave. I would recommend Montessori Scholars in a heartbeat to any parent.” Obdulia Gerage

“The school director was extremely accommodating to my last minute appointment request and gave me a thorough tour of the school and answered all of my questions regarding curriculum, education and philosophy. This is a world-class facility, right outside of Atlanta!” Margaret Kuberra

About Us

We are the only AMI- SACS Accredited Montessori School in Milton, Georgia


Montessori Scholars Academy is only 1 of 6 accredited Montessori schools in Fulton County

Our Philosophy

We seek to consistently serve children in a safe and nurturing educational environment by challenging and inspiring their individual quest for knowledge and skill, and by empowering the development of their self-discipline and self-confidence.

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